Soulfood Club

Deep House und Soulful Techno.
Finger Food. Cocktails. Wohlfühltanzen.
- Dominik Lischka (Galerie Kurzweil)
- Quintess (Soulfood Club)

Kultur ist für alle da. Daher Eintritt gegen Spende. Jeder zahlt, so viel er will.

Dancing is a fundamental aspect of social life, like music and the ability to speak are. Dancing is an honest way of communication and expression and a body experience as well - an activity bonded to community- and self-experience. People dance everywhere all over the world. Even children dance, even before they can walk and speak. Feeling the motion of all those muscles moving to the rhythm and emotion of the music and to experience the various ways to interact with the other people in the room can one of the greatest pleasures in everyday life. Dancing builds a basis - sometimes to open up, sometimes to just relax and sometimes for a deep introspective.

Samstag, 20.05.2017
23:00 Uhr


im Residenzschloss
64283 Darmstadt
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